Alessio’s brand new book, POLYRHYTHMS. VOLUME 1: DIACHRONIES, is finally available in print and digital format, both in English and Italian. It’s the first of two books on the topic (the next one will be published in 2019) and presents a detailed analysis of the world of polyrhythms.

The connections between the instrumental component and certain aspects of the theoretical, aesthetic and philosophical framework are illustrated by means of over 200 audio examples in MP3, available for download from the internet.

Further info here.

ATKA - New CD for 2019

Alessio is working to his brand new cd, entitled ATKA. The project will feature vocalists MONICA DEMURU and ANDREA DE LUCA, plus CHRIS SPEED on tenor saxophone and clarinet and STEFANO AGOSTINI on flutes. The artwork for album front cover is the one you can see in the picture on the right side of this note and will be provided by ANDERS PETERSEN, as for Alessio's last release, NINSHUBAR.

The album will be available on physical and digital support.

For questions or curiosities about the new work write here.

NINSHUBAR - From The Above To The Below

NINSHUBAR - From The Above To The Below is Alessio's latest album. It has been released in 2013 and features the great musical contributions of HASSE POULSEN on guitars and MONICA DEMURU and CATHERINE JAUNIAUX on vocals. 

The cd has received very good reviews all around Europe. Here is possible to listen to music and to buy physical and digital album (and digital tracks too!).


A second book about POLYRHYTHMS

In 2019 the second book about one of Alessio's favorite rhythmic matters, polyrhythms, will be avalaible on paper and digital format. 

More infos in next months. 

For questions and curiosities about the incoming book write here.

Music for theatre

During last years a big part of Alessio's work has been composing and preparing music for theatre and performance (see here), from Shakespeare's classics as "Romeo And Juliet" and "Macbeth" to contemporary pieces, as the most recents works he put is music into: "Dunkel", inspired by Guy de Maupassant's Racconti Fantastici, "Una Medea", a present time transposition of classic Euripides's Play and “L’Usignolo e la Rosa” by Oscar Wilde, of which one picture shot is featured in the landing page of this website.

New works are scheduled for 2019, write here for infos.


Since 2001 Alessio is a member of the teaching staff at the Fondazione Siena Jazz, where he holds courses on drums, percussions and combo classes.

Further infos about school, courses and programs are available here.